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Some of those anarchist that are going to save the country.


 It was an absolute mob scene late on Thursday night in Greenwich Village.

“Fashion’s Night Out” turned ugly and spiraled into chaos at the corner of Broadway and Bleecker Street when the driver of an Audi apparently exchanged words with a bicyclist.

The man’s car then became an instant punching bag.

“People were surrounding this car,” freelance photographer Jika Gonzalez told 1010 WINS’ Steve Sandberg. “They were running across it, jumping on it and dancing on it. It honestly seemed like they were just kids having fun, which is a little scary. It was definitely out of control, and I don’t think they were really considering their actions.”



Gonzalez witnessed the melee as the crowd smashed the motorist’s windows.

“The guy was still driving very, very slowly because there was a full crowd around him, so he couldn’t really move,” Gonzalez explained.

She said he appeared rattled and terrified, and when he got out of the car he was angry at the cops for taking so long to rescue him.

The driver was unharmed in the incident.

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That is a half witted idea of what political anarchist means. .

  But who else would be so confused. 


  I'm sure they were all Muslims instead of anarchists. 


  Don't study and do not learn and remain a half-wit.

Senior Contributor

Re: Some of those anarchist that are going to save the country.

I don't think that that was the same bunch who occupied last year.  These look like a bunch of spoiled kids with no respect for anything.  Shoulda rounded up the whole bunch in the paddy wagons, but then I'm sure the PD gets lots of "abuse" charges when they mess with kids that are willing to act like that in public.