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Re: Some progress

ok, i'm going to try to explain this to the best that I understand it at this point.


1.  Ability to allow associations to write across state lines, and for other small business could join.

    There are several things about this that causes problem.  First, it would side step STATE control of issurance issues.

    States, not federal government governs insurance.  I would think most of you would support state regulation rather than

    federal ? By doing this, you could not call your state insurance commissioner and ask for assistance.

     Further, association plans do not have the 10 essential coverage elements required by in some instances,

     they could be watered down coverage.  Also, if these rates are cheaper, you could see current business, change over to this,

     thusly not as good as coverage.  Also note the word business is used, I don't know yet if farmers with a group of 1 or so will

     qualify, of If individuals would be allow to join, which is the reason for all this healthcare yelling, those that don't work somewhere

     to get could be this would not even impact those who need it !!


2.  Making "short term" coverage available for up to 1 year at a time.  The ACA limited this to 3 months so that those health was good

     would need to go to the other plans rather than the cheaper.  Granted this was a bit of a dirty trick, but to make the group large enough

     to make it acturarly sound, to make things work.

     Doing this, may open up some options for some people that are in good shape to get some coverage at a lower cost, but understand

      if you have been treated for anything for the past 5 years, it will be consider pre-existing, and therefore not covered.

      Also these policys do not have to conform ACA 10 essential elements.  Some of these plans are fairly good, have coverage for most

      things, but for every 1 good one, there seems to be 10 bad ones, so you have to really do your homework.

      But going forward, first, states must usually approve these policys as to form and coverage, which will take some time.  Also insurance

      companys believe this will skew the profile of those obtaining insurance thru the individual, traditional plans, and have massive

       cost over runs, and thusly jeopardize the financial stability of the company, which provides insurance to many people, including 


3.    Remember in association type plans, since they do not have to follow ACA regulations, these plans are RATED, in other words

       the older or sicker you are, the higher your premium or the entire association premium will be higher, so they will be doing their

       best to keep the high risks out, which they could develop ways to prevent people from joining.



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