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Senior Advisor

Some serious plays to help Mothers

with the expanded child tax credit- potentially made permanent- and childcare proposals.


"But Abortion!!!" "the dang gubmint!!!" and "Those People are getting something they didn't pull themselves up by their own bootstraps for!!!"

A closer run thing than you'd imagine, I guess.

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Senior Advisor

Re: Some serious plays to help Mothers

The child tax credits are a good thing. Now Planned parent hood has some competition. Keep the money in the home and out of government. Let the parents decide how to spend it. Maybe for better schools.

Senior Contributor

Re: Some serious plays to help Mothers

(Some serious plays to help Mothers)

You can't say Mother anymore unless you are using it to preface a cussword, hypocrat's now require "birthing people".

So Happy Mother's Birthing People's Day.