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Re: Somebody, got hood-winked, and it wasn't the Democrats

Heck, I've lost track of all these posts since this morning, but to answer the question that I asked and Wehav answered by asking me the question what would I cut government spending wise - generally an accross the board cut is the way to go. Cut every program by the same percentage. The costly ones give large amounts, the small ones give small amounts, but all of them are the same percentage. I am not sure what that would be...5%...what would that add up to? I don't think we can mess with SS and Medicare, but others, sure.


Also on that $700 billion...Bush and his congress cut the taxes on people making over 250,000 by 3% for X number of years and then the tax was to revert to the previous level. These tax cuts were scheduled to end in what, 2011? After that, they were to reset to 3% higher. So what we are talking about is whether or not to extend it again, make it permanent (WHy didn't George and his republican congress do that?) or let the law that was passed ride (which means the taxes go back up by 3% for people making $250,000 or more) like Bush and his republican congress planned. Pretty simple.


Looks to me like that cut really made the economy soar from the time it was passed until now. Har!


I am for cutting spending by the way, but I don't buy the fact that not extending a tax cut law will bring about new prosperity. I would let it go ahead and expire and cut spending too and bring this ship back into the open sea instead of hitting the reef.

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Re: Somebody, got hood-winked, and it wasn't the Democrats

I'm very well aware of how it works.  Several years ago in so. IL, a long time friend was elected to Congress from Eldorado, IL.  He had served Saline county for years in various elected positions and finally got the big nod.  Then the repubs took over the state house.  They gerrymandered his district so that the majority of that district was moved about 90 north into a strong repub section of the state.  Since he was the congressman, they had to include where he lived.  They cut a narrow corridor down the east side of the state to include his house.  He has 3 brothers and a father and in the new district, only one brother could vote for him.  Needless to say, he lost the next election.  To the victors, go the spoils.  However, you are wrong on your prediction for MN.  There CAN'T be two bachmans in the world!!!