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Senior Advisor

Somebody is going to write book about this.

Somebody is going to write a book about this part of trump's failed coup d'etat.  Where trump literally riles up the insurrectionists to attack Mike Pence for refusing to go along.

Quote: "After the angry call cursing Mr. Pence, Mr. Trump riled up supporters at the rally against his own vice president, saying, “I hope he doesn’t listen to the RINOs and the stupid people that he’s listening to.”

Mr. Pence was already in his motorcade to the Capitol by that point. When the mob burst into the building, Secret Service agents evacuated him and his wife and children, first to his office off the floor and later to the basement. His agents urged him to leave the building, but he refused to abandon the Capitol. From there, he spoke with congressional leaders, the defense secretary, and the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff — but not the president.

A Republican senator later said he had never seen Mr. Pence so angry, feeling betrayed by a president for whom he had done so much. To Mr. Trump, one adviser said, the vice president had entered “Sessions territory,” referring to Jeff Sessions, the attorney general who was tortured by the president before being fired. (A vice president cannot be dismissed by a president.)"

  Mike Pence is not a hero, how he ever found the courage to finally cross trump we'll probably never know.




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Senior Advisor

Re: Somebody is going to write book about this.

I think he merely was convinced that he had 0 authority to do what was being asked.

Instilling the belief that he did in the mob was a crime. 

A stupid one. 

It is like the 90+ judges in 60+ courts. With the thinnest shred of legal cover, some would have.