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Re: I`m better den` you

Another 'holier than thow'  post........You guys are saints....

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They were hoping for a Nuclear strike on us from NK so they could win the midterm elections...

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Re: Someone change Trump's diaper

I am cautiously optimistic on the Korean negotiations, but again with Trump’s previous behavior ( both in international relations and business) and my mistrust as to what NK is up to, wouldn’t be surprised if this “deal” falls apart.
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Re: Suicide by liberalism

I honestly think there is no turning back for them.....Self destruction.....Soon the democratic party will meet the criteria and qualify for 'hate group' status..just a few more baby steps and they are there.

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Re: Someone change Trump's diaper

At least we got this far.......

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Re: Someone change Trump's diaper

WTH are you babbling about?
A little early in the day to be that high, but if it enables you to create your own reality...ok, I guess.
We’ll see how endangered our party is when the fall elections are over and the house picks up 50 or 60 seats, the senate changes hands and you guys continue to support the mess in the WH-whether it’s corrupt Trump or incompetent Pence.
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Re: Someone change Trump's diaper

Sorry, not "holler than tho" respectful of tho.

I really don't know what to say on NK

I don't trust them....I don't trust pompano either
Nor trump....ok I don't trust anyone anymore !!

There is few choices. Kim wants to live, that's
Why he killed everyone off. He also likes power
And money. Only way to have that is still
In control of country.

Will he shoot of a warhead in our direction, maybe
But he will it for the last hand....will he shoot
Off a few missles, yes, to keep our attention.

Are we safe, yes, our systems will shoot them

How will it end...a draw....each side will lump
Off will be workable, but will
Continue to kick can down road.

If Trump blows it an says no to everything
And ticks everyone off...or does what he does
At home...yes
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Re: Someone change Trump's diaper

In the words of a world famous scholar.....Har....Har.....Har...

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Re: Someone change Trump's diaper


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Re: Someone change Trump's diaper

flat out liar you are elcheapo...



Someone change Trump's diaper



To show how far he has fallen, this weekend
Was Barbra bush funeral. He didn't go, he
Went golfing.
He said his security detail might cause problems,
Which may be somewhat true, but Secret service
Already had a big presence.

But going golfing, and going nuts on Twitter.

He continues to sink lower.

Someone needs to change his diaper,
Tell him he needs to grow up
Start acting like an adult
Not a spoiled brat

And start being a leader, rather than a disgrace."
I did provide a link that explained why President Trump wasn't at the funeral, IF you want to be this way, go ahead, you are showing what the democrats are really made of., and
of course you most knowledgeable called it fake news... must be bad to not understand why Hillary didn't get elected, life is going fine to better now...
Make America Great Again!