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Something BIG Dropped On The Wicked Witch

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bruce MN
Veteran Advisor

Re: Something BIG Dropped On The Wicked Witch

I was watching the press conference and was wondering just how many of those dozen or so you baggers would classify as RINOs?


So the new GOP led House of Representatives (a seemingly foregone conclusion) will still be a majority of those RINOs and a minority of, with a few new, teabaggers. With a need for finding some consensus. I'd expect the baggers to get the same sort of treatment that big bucks and the various industrial and financial complexes gave the handful of radical religious extremists that slipped into Congress in the '90s...."Thanks for coming and being here and for bringing your handful of loyal GOP votes, but we'll handle matters from here out".  Same as the Clinton nurtured corporatist Democrat majority has treated any genuine populists (no different, really, than the new baggers will be in that respect) whenever one of them has found a way into the temple.


But best of luck...this guy



says that there are some real opportunites for the party to actually govern responsibly. I'd expect that he's saying that becasue the conditoins on the ground are so dire, and so stark that there can't be an argument for not fixing. But I'd wonder how the new majority could ever get it's leadership in order to go forward on actually fixing, at least, or improving anything.  Who are the internal factions going to trust, when a vast majority of the majority party will be Representatives and Senators who are wholly owned by the very complexes that are the beneficiaries of the massive takings from the people who would make up the populist movements (both right and left) of the last 30 or so years.


Ergo, how could one not be as sickened by Newt Gingrich as it is to be of Bill Clinton. It's them and their sort that caused most of the trouble....cut loose to do so by the turning over of the government and most of our resouces, material and human, to those complexes triggered by the voodoo of Reganomics.


Good luck, and may the force be with you. I doubt that you'll necessarily like what this pitcher of lemonade tastes like after it's been made.