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Something I Got From a Rocket Scientist.

Something that I got from a scientist fellow that works on engineering aerospace projects.... about how things are with obama at the helm.  Just some points to ponder.

A utopian post-racial America under Obama -- yeah right!
"We President now!"  Those were the words spoken by a jubilant Black
woman upon learning that Barack Hussein Obama was elected President.  I
had predicted that this sense of "Black empowerment" would lead to an
increase in violent crime nationwide.  In fact, the election produced a
hockey stick effect on the chart over at the US Department of Justice,
however they have subsequently abrogated much of those statistics (for
now, at least during the current Presidency).  What remains of the chart
is shown here.

This ties in nicely with Eric Holder, who happens to be Black, and a
policy issued by the Department of Justice where they would no longer
investigate bias crimes, where the victims were White, defendants Black.
"Malik Shabazz's comments come after J. Christian Adams, who quit the
Justice Department last month over the handling of the case against the
Black Panthers and its members, accused his former superiors of
instructing attorneys in the civil rights division to ignore cases that
involve black defendants and white victims."

Here are photos of J. Christian Adams' superiors, just to be clear.

Recently, I reported where Oakland's police chief, Anthony Batts, who
happens to be Black, fired 80 mostly White and Hispanic police officers,
then announced police would no longer respond to sex offender registry
violations, vehicle accidents, grand theft, identity theft, burglary,
embezzlement, vandalism, stray animals and more.  Now the predominantly
Black areas of the city are in the grips of a _massive_ crime spree.

Photos released in Virginia visitor's killing Thursday, July 22, 2010
"Oakland police released surveillance-camera photos Wednesday of a man
and a woman suspected of robbing $17 from a visitor from Virginia before
shooting him to death." the story continues "Both suspects are black."

Man, 18, slain on street in East Oakland (07-23) 08:56 PDT
"Jonathan Lee Scott of Oakland was found in front of a home on the 5900
block of Harmon Avenue in the Seminary neighborhood shortly after 1:15
a.m., said Officer Jeff Thomason, a police spokesman. Scott was
pronounced dead at the scene."

Man killed in East Oakland as he gets home from work 07/23/2010 08:59 AM
"He minds his business. He doesn't mess with anyone," said neighbor
Vanessa Wells. "This is senseless homicide. It makes no sense. It's
scary. I'm worried for my 7-year-old son and neighbors."

The Obama administration was supposed to signal a post-racial America,
but instead what we got was reverse-racism where (quietly) every major
post in Washington has been filled with Blacks -- even the head of NASA
is now Black and instructed that his new mission is no longer concerned
with space research, but now to make Muslims feel good about themselves!

Historically, Blacks have never had any interest in space research, or
science in general.  Bush replaced the aging Shuttle fleet in 2010 with
the Orion program, thus Obama cancelling Orion didn't come as much of a
surprise to me.  I remember during the Apollo missions, the Blacks were
complaining they wanted the money spent on THEM instead -- there was
even a song released called "Whitie on the moon" to exemplify this fact.

The White liberal majority is responsible for electing Obama into the
highest office in the land (and indeed the world).  They did this with
the belief that it would _end_ (mostly imaginary) "racism" and usher in
some utopian post-racist America.  Instead, what they received was Black
empowerment and a massive rise in Black domination and privilege -- even
at the highest levels in Washington (for example: the Black Panthers got
away with violent voter intimidation and Ike Brown of Knox City, Miss.
got away with destroying the votes of _White_ voters in his district).

Apparently according to whims of the _NEW_ Department of Justice: the
Voting Rights Act simply _does_not_apply_ to the rights of White voters.

So what will eventually come of all this?  A race war, OBVIOUSLY!  :-(

Hint: If Blacks were capable of leadership, the nations of Africa would
be leading the world in economic prosperity rather than being rape and
murder capitals (of those nations not at war) for which they now are.
"South Africa has a high rate of murders, assaults, rapes, and other
crimes compared to most countries." "The rape and hijacking rates showed
no signs of slowdown. Hijackings and cash-in-transit heists particularly
have shown to be on the increase. The rape situation has become so bad
that the country has been referred to as the rape capital of the world."

So what is it exactly that makes South Africa, once one of _the_ most
beautiful (former) nuclear super-powers on earth -- now so bad?  "Black
Africans compose about 79% (2007 Community survey) of the population."

So what are the demographics of Oakland that make _it_ so bad as well?

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Re: Something I Got From a Rocket Scientist.

Hatred like that deserves the plethora of replies attached to it.

Veteran Advisor

Re: Something I Got From a Rocket Scientist.

I read it with interest, and clicked on several of his links.... I did not find any untruths in any of the statements.  I never do like Mr. Ollie does, which is put opinions without backup in my posts.  I always try to find research and proof in the things that I post.

I am sorry that you do not like what the statistics and evidence is, but it is what it is.

I hold no ill toward any race on unfounded non-facts.  Folks are the way they are.  Just like cows are like cows are...... some breeds make lots of milk, and some breeds are great at taking care of themselves without much assistance.  They all have their place in this world, doing what each does best.  Same with people.

Senior Contributor


You know what`s sad Craig? We have to explain this to Farmers. I swear some of these kooks would over apply nitrogen to obviously potassium deficient corn....all because they have it in their head it needs nitrogen.   "Lifes tough, it`s even tougher when you`re stupid!"  -  John Wayne