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Something Serious to think about

Our Military’s SJW-Driven Abandonment of Warfighting Is Going to Get Troops Killed by Kurt Schlichte...

Beijing Joe might not kill us all with green nonsense, or Eve becoming Steve, or a myriad of other stupid stuff, but screwing up our defense sure could.

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Re: Something Serious to think about

China will no doubt get exponentially stronger in the next 3 years and we will get weaker.  US troops overseas are human "Reichstags" waiting to be burned to trigger the next endless war/police action in some ***** 10,000 miles away.

Meanwhile on the homefront it`ll be "gun safety" for civilians, so  Chinese troops won`t face too much domestic firepower as they go door to door.

Veteran Advisor

Re: Something Serious to think about

of course, clueless Joe might kill us with the green crap, too. Karl Denniger excerpt:


So now we have literal third-world conditions in Texas -- rolling blackouts and shutdowns of indeterminate duration in the middle of a winter storm with life-threatening temperatures that preclude people from keeping their homes and business warm which brings into play not only severe property damage (e.g. frozen pipes, etc) but also the potential for death.

Germany is getting hammered with this too but unlike our nation they kept their coal-fired plants in place even though they were not operating.  Their "renewables" are also worthless in the snow and ice but because they have the other infrastructure they still have it and are using it.  Unfortunately the price of this is that their power cost is the highest in the EU and triple that of many areas of the United States and other EU nations; their residential power price has doubled since going "green" because they are paying to keep maintained, available and ready to produce generating capacity that is intentionally turned off.  I suppose that beats "lights out and you die" in times of cold weather but in the US it would not matter because a huge percentage of our population could not afford the bill at double or triple today's cost and thus would freeze to death in the winter anyway.

Beware America.  I've warned of this for over a decade; so-called "green energy" is not reliable and cannot be counted on for base load nor reliable load-following and as such you have two options if you go down that road -- (1) accept that when you need it you may not have it or (2) pay for the redundancy whether you use it or not, which means being able to cover the entirety of the shortfall which will always come at the worst possible time and at the highest possible level of demand.  Texas did not provide for that capacity to be available and thus could not cover the shortfall.

The second choice -- making sure that redundant supply is there -- doubles your power bill and the first choice kills people and renders your region a third-world nation under adverse circumstances you can neither predict or control.

There are solutions but they require getting that damned "Green" garbage out of your head and paying attention to physics.  We had a path forward on this in the 1960s and deliberately shelved it because it was not useful to the military.  We could bring that back and finish the engineering work on it -- but not in a year, three or ten.  If we start now we might be able to begin coming online with it in 10 years, and be permanently independent of outside resource in 20 or 30.


But if we instead go down the alleged "green" path what we will have is repeated and annual instances of what Texas and other parts of the nation are experiencing right now and it will kill people in large numbers along with doing critical economic damage and devastating those who are in the lower income brackets.

THAT, my friends is Joe Biden's vision for America.

Senior Advisor

Re: Something Serious to think about

This is the progressive dream Red. We live as they did in the dark ages yet the rest of the world is free to create as many emission as they wish. This is what you get when the people who love to burn the American flag every time they gather are in charge of policy. America last.