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Red Steele
Senior Contributor

Something decent in the NY Times


Something actually mainstream, to counter the idiotic postings of Krugman. Krugman won't get fired over his last blunder, calling the tea party patriots responsible for the terrible shootings in Arizona, and people that feel dispirited over the results of democracy in November may have jumped on his bandwagon like desperate people sometimes do, but hopefully he will get called aside and told to shut up. Whoever put the muzzles on Rahm Emmanuel and Joe Biden, for Barry Soetoreo, may be asked to muzzle Krugman , too.


If you google "Krugman, what an idiot" , you can find him quicker than any other way. Finding the Douthat column using google was a little tougher. I found more links saying that the NY Times should fire Douthat for being pro-life than to his actual column. He must be like some sort of token for the NYT to allow them to claim to be a main stream publication.

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Re: Something decent in the NY Times

Very thoughtful, thanks for the link. It should be obvious that somewhere along the line our society has taken a wrong turn. Life should be about family. Family does not exist without children. Bring on government provided daycare, that should fix things.