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Something is very wrong

When a certain party of men vote to stop an
Investigation that is of a member of their party,
Despite unanswered questions, and the person
Conducting it said wasn't finished.

Then the person being investigated just fired
The secy of state at this critical time, and since
There is nobody else we have to put in CIA head.

I'll admit I don't sleep well anymore... something is
Wrong and there is a huge cover-up.

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Re: Something is very wrong

CON servative  party  antics  - deficit spending, now this -  & folks wonder why the Libertarian Party is gaining momentum - not that complicated --- 

Senior Contributor

Re: Something is very wrong

Until something is done, hopefully midterms, this is all there is, uncertainty, fear, and bigotry! So much for MAGA.

Senior Advisor

Re: Something is very wrong

Now the latest...a personal aide to trump,
Then hired by white house, is under federal
Investigation on some money issues, and
Could not pass background, was fired from
White house, but in a matter of hours, hired
By Trump's re-election campaign !!!!!

I'm speechless
((And that don't happen often with cheapo))
Senior Contributor

Re: Something is very wrong

Democrats would keep the investigation hanging over the presidency until the last day he was in office. They will never call it complete because they can’t find anything. You will never be satisfied, obviously. The energy put into the investigation could have Hillary behind bars for a dozen crimes and Obama for beastiality.
Senior Advisor

Re: Something is very wrong

Charges have been filed

Trump was to be questioned, nobody wanted

It done knowing he would get caught

A personal aide of trump was hired to

White house, under fed investigation, could

Not pass security, was fired and a short

Time hired by Trump's re-election group

And why hire an impeachment lawyer


Senior Contributor

Re: Something is very wrong

The impeachment attorney was determined fake news. You are too dim witted to comprehend but the indictments are personal to the individuals having NOTHING to do with Trump. And I believe you must really be confused on this one. ONE of the two congressional committees have concluded their investigation. They have charged NO ONE. They have not the power to charge anyone! They were never going to question Trump. The Mueller investigation goes on and Trump will almost certainly be interviewed. I am terribly embarrassed for you. Many on here are misguided in my biased opinion. Many give simplistic comments. But no one else on here is as entirely clueless as you are.
Senior Contributor

Re: Something is very wrong

Let me offer a simple analogy that your simple mind can grasp. The police are investigating your neighbor for a robbery. Your neighbor is innocent. They come to ask you questions. You punch the officer in the nose and are charged with battery. Now that neighbor MUST be guilty of the robbery, because someone “in the investigation was charged.
Senior Advisor

Re: Something is very wrong

Sorry your wrong...the lawyer is not fake news

As far as the committee..several republican members
Said issues have been resolved and not happy

Some of the charges have been in connection with
The trump campaign, and some of the money
Issues were related to ""campaign finance""

At times I'm kind of puzzled by some peoples
Ideas here.
I too want to see America great. I want to see
A healthy economy (the only way to develop a true
Economy is one that has a good manufacturing
Base) but that horse has done jumped out of
The pen. When left the gate open is subject to
Debate. Many kids don't see a future. We have become a paper pusher economy. We have alot
Of kids that could do well in an industrial society,
But the answer is not artificial by tarrif.
I want us to have a strong military, so we could
Meet Russia, china, north Korea, toe to toe, plus
Have a few surprises in the back room we spend
Some of the most on defense, but we fall behind.
The company's that make this stuff is just too would be wonderful if Trump would
Tell the contractors NO. All this volume, reduction
In price 25% or more...and use savings for new

We're going to need Democrats and Republicans...
If you say only 1, you are just like Hitler, there
Was only 1 race, or party that was fit to rule.
And you see how that turned out.
Senior Contributor

Re: Something is very wrong

If you have read me over the past couple months I have swore anyone brought here as a child and grown up here is as American as I. I am as pro life as is possible. I claim no person is capable of earning a billion dollars and believe Jefferson had it right saying man cannot divise enough ways to redistribute the wealth. I dare the government to take guns. I think tax cuts while the economy is booming and we have a 20 trillion debt is stupid. I think babie should be hugged and queers killed instead of the other way around. So you are preaching to the wrong person. No One can call put me in a box or accuse me of being part of an echo chamber. I my political allegiance is to only one thing.... intellectual honesty.... the enemy of party politics