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Senior Contributor

Something to consider

Found this from a Tweet from another Canadian.


thought some will find it an interesting read, others will no doubt rejecy what he is saying because his facts counter what they 'just believe' to be true.


And here’s a pro tip: the best ways to judge a candidate’s character are to look at what he or she has actually done, and what policies he or she is proposing. Mr. Trump’s record of bilking students, stiffing contractors and more is a good indicator of how he’d act as president; Mrs. Clinton’s speaking style and body language aren’t. George W. Bush’s policy lies gave me a much better handle on who he was than all the up-close-and-personal reporting of 2000, and the contrast between Mr. Trump’s policy incoherence and Mrs. Clinton’s carefulness speaks volumes today.

In other words, focus on the facts. America and the world can’t afford another election tipped by innuendo.

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Senior Advisor

Re: Something to consider

So the author is saying the last election was tipped by innuendo. Much of that innuindo was spread by the new york times.

bruce MN

Re: Something to consider

This a rare one for the NYT and I'm surprised it got past the editorial staff and got published.


The Times has been handling Trumpwith kid gloves.  Treating him like a normal candidate even.