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Re: Something worth following in CA

Maybe $2.00/gal gas tax wasn't a great idea.

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Re: Something worth following in CA

I have a Son that`ll be moving out for a job in June, so a little aware of the goings on.  There are cars with "Trump" bumperstickers, I think it`s a matter that most are liberal, but the everyday people aren't paying attention and just think the Pelosis and Boxers and Feinsteins are just the way it is.  


But splitting California in thirds?   That may be a sign that things are hitting bottom and coming to a end.   I wouldn`t be in favor of making it into 2 or 3 states, because there is a risk that there would be 6 liberal senators and who knows how many extra, liberal representatives out of the deal.  True Northern California is more conservative, but they are also basically "Southern Oregon" too and you know how they are in Oregon.  So, no I`d say leave California as one state to succeed or fail on it`s own merits.

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Re: Something worth following in CA

having California as a "failed state" with its trillion plus public pension shortfalls is a warning to the rest of the country, and you are correct that we really don't need six liberal senators to take the place of just two currently in office.


From what I read,  conservative people with the means to leave, are leaving, and the state is becoming bluer and more of a basket case each year as the wealthy leave. It probably will end up being northern Mexico at some point.


I am sure some LWNJ will post something that says just the opposite, and so be it.


Re: Something worth following in CA

Dense as I am, I read the article a couple of times and then the big bag of comments in order to try to figure out just who it is, or what faction, that is proposing this. Left or right, white or brown, rich or poor, D or R and I couldn’t come to anything close to a conclusion.


The comments were like the discussions here.  It’s the other guy, the other side.


Kudos to you two for “getting it” so easily and quickly. How’d you do that with such assuredness?