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Re: Something you won't hear

It's a cartoon BA and your reply shows it summarizes things quite well.

With almost record high prices for crops and therefore very high incomes US farmers (not Canadian or other countries ) are going to get a socialist payment.

And although many US farmers complain about 'socialism' paying people who do not have jobs and are really poor those same farmers take those socialist payments right to their bank accounts to add to their profits and then they can buy more big machines or other assets to make them even richer just like other rich people who do not want to share any of their $$ with people who are suffering

BA Deere
Honored Advisor

Re: Something you won't hear

Canuck, I don`t know of any of the farm groups that asked for the aid (which probably means the bankers did behind the scenes) .  These cartoons of a fat farmer rejecting socialism and taking a COVID RELIEF check aren`t at all accurate, landlords are already talking about raising $300 rent up to $500 before or after the 2021 growing season...if nothing else they won`t turn down a $100/acre "tip" for the 2021 season.

Then the banker who`s books will look better after 6 equity burning years if ag borrowers receive one last $20/acre covid relief check, just to shore things up for the bank examiner.   The fat farmer in the cartoon is a middleman, so where`s the landlord and banker in your cartoons?