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Sonia`s take on guns, pharma, race and crime

Here`s about a 8 min video from a Canadian Lady, blogger that gives her fact based opinions on this whole guncontrol hulaballoo   She explains the racial component of crime, without being racist.  She tells the vast majority of murders are committed with handguns, 0bama isn`t talking at all about "handguns"...this time like many of us have been saying "assault"rifles aren`t used in many murders, so after a year of an "assault weapon ban" the murder rate won`t go down all so, Biden the gun czar will go back to the well and said "We`re gonna need your pistols too!!".   Sonia tells a documented interesting fact the America being about 5% of the world`s population ..uses 80% of the world`s pharmaceuticals.  See, I want the truth and logic, not this feel good comprehensive sweeping laws and executive orders that shread our Constitution and will not save one single life.  Sonia♥♥♥ speaks totally for me in this video.

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Re: Sonia`s take on guns, pharma, race and crime

None of this gun control crap is about saving the children, it is about the power to lord over the sheeple.