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Senior Advisor

Re: Sorry guys, there goes another talking point

@hobbyfarm2145365 wrote:

Sorry to disapoint youn again, I was around 12 years old. My Dad informed me it was a way to make money off other people.  Much like ARC,PLC farm programs that redistribute other peoples money into farmers hands  What is cost to farmer for thes programs   L ZIPPO      


Answer this question what do you do with your free ARC,PLC  taxpayer money . buy health ins. pay your taxes, pay imput costs    what do you do with saving you get off subsided crop ins?  Put it your retirement fund ?   

I have never gotten a penny in ARC but you get your's before the tennet sets foot on the ground.

Senior Contributor

Re: Sorry guys, there goes another talking point

arey ou you have nver have gotten taxpayer money from a govt welfare farm programs over years?. Maybe  you screwed at sdign up time.   the usual silly my renting ground  used to cover your moral problem of taking other peoples money. hard to live with that isn't i Who pays 60