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Honored Advisor

Sort of serious thoughts an future considerations

To tell a comvincing lie you need statistics....

If you don't have, or can't find statistics that prove your belief, what do you do.  You can't be wrong.


The final game of the baseball season was interrupted last evening by a comment I get sick of hearing.

It is always supported by the worst human thought process possibe.  "we took a poll"


This time it was the claim that only one third of americans decide who wins elections, which, through a leap of imaginary logic, equals = all those non-voter would have voted for the looser.......or voted like "I" did...


Like everything else in the news this week it was a fatal interruption to the World Series....  I assume the foot stomping LA team lost.

Which reminds me of the most current poll taken locally ---- If the recruits from central america arrived in time, would it have saved the Dodgers from the working class beating they took??

We will never know. But those are great fans coming for that last Dodger game.  News says each one paid $7K to get in the caravan to come north.  Since the dodgers got beat..... well  maybe they can sell their votes if they make election day....:)


A more serious note ----- and my real question....

Since politics pushes the ideas of changes in the constitution and every idiot thinks they are safe on facebook, Is it time to restrict freedom of speech to the individual and provide a location near a courthouse for that process? And therefore restricting the right to freedom of speach on social media?  And in my opinion the "political" fun networks and their "insightful" arguing robots have earned the loss of "freedom of speech" on TV networks?....... which should be renamed entertainment for the mentally challenged broadcasting.

Ilistened to an interview of an Isreali politician discussing the laws they passed to allow them to use social media information to track potential criminals........I found it interesting and thoughtful. I think we have a population that thinks  they have no responsibility for their contribution to social media..... and its ok to use it against the "other guy".


Most serious crimes against humanity are very social in nature and often quite organized.  Humans will do things together that are unthinkable individually.