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Senior Contributor

Sorta interesting that Russia, Russia, Russia is good

even though they're aligned with Iran and Syria and recently flew joint maneuvers with the Chinese to test ROK and Japanese air defenses.

China is bad because they're taking American jobs. And not knuckling under to Trump's hamfisted trade strategies.

Read RT stuff and it is pretty clear that they play the right wing in western nations like a piano.  Western Civilization (wink, wink) you know.

Heard it here first  at good 'ol when Manafort's agency released the Putin glam shots.


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Russia Russia Russia

Mrs. Clinton and the big Zero wanted to reset relations with Russia....good.

Trump wants to reset relations with Russia....bad.

Do you have to see a chiropractor weekly or daily after trying all those gymnastic twists you do?

Remember when Trump was going to be gone in six months cause Bobby Three Sticks had the goods on him? You were one of the most outspoken proponents in 2017 that Trump was toast....last I checked he was still looking very presidential. And Mueller looks like a good candidate to be sitting on a park bench feeding pigeons.

Here is Kurt Schlicter's take on Mueller and his dodderance. 

Senior Advisor

Re: Russia Russia Russia

Interesting isn't it. The guy who spent his whole career railing and warning of the deep state now completely and 100% protects the deep state. And then calls others idiot.


Trump 2020...Time to just phone it in?

Name a democrat that has an ice cube's chance in the hot spot of ousting Trump. I bet Joe Biden drops out soon.