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South Carolina.....your law makers are spending your money like fools

There are times when i just can't stand it when i read something, on how stupid and how wrong it is........

(yes, i'm having my just can't stand it spells more and more)


There is discussion in the statehouse to pass a law to require.....not only a doctor's rx for viagra........but also a swarn statement

from "your significant other" to why said person needs the medication............


i'm sorry, but just how dumb and stupid can you get.......people call your people and tell them you believe there are more

pressing issues to decide upon......and how much per day does it cost to have them there and they are wasting time.


it is being pushed by those aginst abortion..........


i'm sorry.......again, how stupid and foolish can you get......and you are spending peoples hard earned dollars to put on

a stupid show.


first....most people that need the product, usually they don't need to worry about abortion........


oh......for got to say, you must have a "cooling off peroid" of 24 hours before it can be filled.


what next..........we going to add about nitrogly ????????



stupid stupid stupid.....stop acting like folks down there need to call you people and tell them you can

afford them to waste time and money and act like a bunch of 12 year olds......they need to act their age, not their

IQ.........but.....oh well i will not go there.


we wonder why the country has gone nuts, prime example.....someone needs to stand up and say this is wrong.


you think someone in the state house there would.

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Re: South Carolina.....your law makers are spending your money like fools

Is this what you are talking about?



A South Carolina lawmaker is proposing that men who want to get Viagra or other drugs to help them have sex wait for 24 hours and get a sworn statement from their sexual partners detailing their problems.

Rep. Mia McLeod says her bill is a tongue-in-cheek response to all of the rules South Carolina's male-dominated Legislature places on abortion.

Similar legislation was proposed earlier this year in Kentucky.

McLeod's bill is unlikely to pass, but the Columbia Democrat says just having a committee hearing on the bill Wednesday will bring attention to the issue.

McLeod's bill would require a 24-hour waiting period before an erectile dysfunction medicine could be picked up from the pharmacy and require patients to get counseling on celibacy as a valid life choice.

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Re: South Carolina.....your law makers are spending your money like fools



It's in response to all the hoops and hurdles placed on someone needing an abortion, that people like you voted for.


Tit for tat. 

BA Deere
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Re: South Carolina.....your law makers are spending your money like fools

Hate to break it to you AgJudge, but ElCheapo is normally a liberal on many things, I`d bet yours and his voting cards match up as much as possible.  However what you`re seeing is a goofy NC politician that believes themself to be clever is making a point contrary to some Democrats that are left with a smidgeon of common sense and decency.

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Re: South Carolina.....your law makers are spending your money like fools

You have zero credability and it is proven by the fact that you don't even know which state the thread is about!!  "...goofy NC politician..."

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Your Boy....


Donald Trump says transgender people should be able to “use the bathroom they feel is appropriate.” On NBC’s Today show Thursday morning, the GOP front-runner said he opposes North Carolina’s “very strong” bathroom bill, which prohibits transgender residents from doing just that.


Trump went on to say that if Caitlyn Jenner were to visit Trump Tower, she would be free to use any restroom she chooses.  Smiley Very Happy

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Re: South Carolina.....your law makers are spending your money like fools

No Bart. His thread is about South Carolina and their new viagra proposal.

BA Deere
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Re: Your Boy....

Oh, so you`ll join me in voting for Trump?

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Re: South Carolina.....your law makers are spending your money like fools

Hello all.  Well first, this is an issue in south carolina.....trump worried about those who are "stuck in the middle" about

where they can go to a bathroom...i will just say this...out here if you need to go, you usually find a tree...i've

never seen yet "desinated trees".......but give us time......


I can understand the "logic" behind the argument...but don't agree


it's like compairing oranges to watermelons....both are round....and there is where things end.


same with this proposal....both issues have one thing in common  ((and since this is a family show, that is as far as i'm going to go,

if you are still scraching your head, ask a teenager))


Those who "have a need" for the medication, in most instances, and their significant others, usually are not seen in

abortion clinics....yes there are exceptions...but on average...those who need the medication, the end result is

not an abortion.


on the other hand, the "young bucks", is usually where that issue comes into play...most of them do not need viagra.......

we need to sometimes need to give them something opposite.


This is wrong on so many levels....first, the waste of money of plugging the system with all this stuff....yes, you have to

heat and cool the building, the people hired to work there, most instances we have to record it, than transcribe it, then money money.....then taking time away from "real issues".


now before you start the mail saying abortion is "not a real issue"...yes, it is, it is a charged my humble opinion,

i'm not in favor of abortion, i believe there are options to some...and in some instances, there are medical reason,

either a medical complication of the mother, and the unborn child....the issue of rape, etc is difficult....just remember

the baby didnt do the dirty deed

but things are not perfict...if the child is taken to term...yes there are wonderful people wanting to adopt that will

spoil the kid rotton...and other instances the child enters the foster system, which in many cases is terrible, at



if you have the perfect answer, i will glady yeild he floor to you to hear it.


but this proposal, again has more holes in it than a combine grain seive....


as i said, it would not really effect those who are usually involved. have a number of legal issues....first....can a state impose further "indications" for a registered medication

by the FDA....that is a multi year lawsuit....

another, you must have a written, swarn statement from the significant other.....are they doctors ?  this medication is for

an organic this person qualified to state if this is physical problem or a psychological problem

(( again, since this is a family show, i'm not going any further))

yet another, a mandated 24 hour hold for a legal prescription, that is between the doctor and patient....again, you

are touching stuff on the fda approved medication.

oh lastly....our little friend, are you going to do all of can't without breaching confidential information.


the state should take the money that is spent on this sillyness, and put it into programs that will have an effect on this issue...



NOT THE SCHOOL'S, NOT THE STATE.....This is something many program fail to remember.

strenthen the foster system, and encourage adoption.....It is difficult to adopt a child.....i'd say the biggest number of

those wanting to adopt are good people, and would be tickled pink to have a child....if you want to cut down some hoops,

that is one place to do it at. 


it's a difficult problem...i don't think there is one single answer....things happen....or perhaps i sould say, nature happens.

we must then deal and cope with it.


but cutting off viagra from a bunch of horny old men.....isn't going to solve the problem, in most instances


oranges and watermelons.


Re: South Carolina.....your law makers are spending your money like fools

I hear that the when the Indiana National Guard does their annual August copter surveys for pot patches they're going to include Horny Goat Weed.