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South Dakota's newly revealed status as ....

South Dakota's newly revealed status as the money haven for corrupt foreign leaders is surely getting a lot of attention.

  And it explains a lot about South Datoka politics. It certainly is convenient to corrupt a bush-league one-party state government (& keep it corrupted) to arrange the financial laws just how you want them then run your corrupt business through there than some bigger state where people are watching.  And undoubtedly it's a lot cheaper, too.  Not so many payoffs to make.

  Don't you just love how South Dakota politicians are all the time with that holier-than-thou attitude of theirs and complaints about big-city banks?  

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Esteemed Advisor

Re: South Dakota's newly revealed status as ....

The big banks got their toehold on SD when it had lax usury laws and they could charge higher interest rates on credit cards from subsidiaries there.

Then they came to own the state.

In IA it is the nexus of pig corporations.