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Soybean Tariff Effect

Soybean Export article seems negative for farmers. If soybean exports to China have dropped, (look at bar graph), why have prices remained so high? I follow this now because my renter just reduced rent for next year. And why would farmers continue to support Trump?
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Re: Soybean Tariff Effect

Soybean  market  deterioration  is  a  win  for  the  importers  due  to  price  destruction  for  the sellers ( growers )  -    -    -


KEY  WORDS   being   exports   to   UNKNOWN  DESTINATIONS  -  really   elementary  -  maybe  ? 


Buying  something  at  with   a  25%  discount  &  charging  myself  a  25%  tariff   =  economics  .o101  ?    -  -  -

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Re: Soybean Tariff Effect

Being President is all about character and Trump has none.