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Senior Advisor


daily death tolls still rising with 846 yesterday, even as Italy maybe plateaus at a high level.

We’re about 2 weeks behind them. Hope we can keep the death rate substantially below theirs- which are around 10 pct.

If we’re lucky, might begin to flatten cases out around half a mil in this round but then the daily death count will tick along for a few weeks.

A few $T in debt, a wrecked economy and less than 50k deaths would be a “huge win.”

I can’t be too confident that we’ll be lucky.

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Senior Contributor

Re: Spain

this is a good explanation of how the numbers lag the actual infection.

Senior Advisor

Re: Spain

Yeah, I worry a lot about our half-### shutdown vs. the Wuhan example.

Almost certain we won't see infections fall off that quickly, just hope it is flattening.