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Speaking of censorship

Censorship by 'christians'


A production of "Corpus Christi" in Athens was canceled this month after weeks of almost daily protests outside the theatre by priests and right-wing groups, including deputies from the ultra-nationalist Golden Dawn party.

Charges of "insulting religion" and "malicious blasphemy" have been filed after Bishop Seraphim of Piraeus lodged a lawsuit against those involved in the play, the officials said.

The play's director told Reuters he was stunned that prosecutors had chosen to go after him rather than pursue tax evaders and others blamed for driving Greece to near-bankruptcy.

"What I see is that there are people who have robbed the country blind who are not in jail and the prosecutor turns against art," Albanian-born Laertis Vasiliou said.


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Re: Speaking of censorship

How do the hate speech laws in Canada look at defaming religious figures?
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Re: Speaking of censorship

I am not  a lawyer but are defamation and hate 2 different things in the eye of the law.


Advocating hate of a group would come under hate laws but telling lies or 'slandering' someone deliberately would come under liable laws.


In the case of a play like the one in the link I doubt ir could be considered under either law unless there is specific language in it advocating hate towards a group OR deliberately spreading lies about an individual.

To prove liable you would have to first prove that it was a lie and then prove the person speaking or publishing the lie knew it to be a lie and continued to spread it.


Now maybe a lawyer could tell us if I am right or wrong. Close or way off.

But that is what I  think from my life experience.