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Senior Advisor

Speaking of whoppers

which have been around forever, like John Adams was a hermaphrodite or Thomas Jefferson was a miscegenator (pick which one was true).

But one of my faves traced back to one of the billionaire Stephens Bros. from Arkansas, who were huge GOP donors but also Clinton backers in AR politics.

They were said to be just bustin' with pride that their story that Geraldine Ferraro was Mussolini's niece was widely circulated and believed.

And that was before the 'net.

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bruce MN

Re: Speaking of whoppers

Starting to sense that a new segment of the voting public is starting to express their bewilderment or confusion over some of this newfangled stuff. “What’s this Q thing?”  “Why would they want to slow down the mail on purpose?” Etc

Could it be a Eagles election. People believing their Lyin’ Eyes?

Senior Advisor

Re: Speaking of whoppers


this yahoo writer really has the BS writing down to a T.....starts out with a statement that Obama resettles 70,000 Somalians in MN and ranks it false, while never really reporting the facts.

True or False....Somalians flocked to MN for one big reason, and that reason was that we had Hmongs here? Come on know that both came for the welfare....even Somalian leadership has acknowledged that...why the BS ?

Next....ok so how many Somalians actually are living in is not the 8000 that Obama directly moved in, or the 9000 that his brother GW moved in, but the total is what? never reported that? ok

the truth is that MN has close to 100,000 Somalians here already, and with their birthrates they will out perform Josephs desert hebrews in breeding themselves into majority status, while the good people pay for their babies. That could be the article, but no.......let's just go with BS.