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Spicy Resigns

Can anyone - who has any sort of a conscience - work for this so called president that we have?  The chaos of this presidency continues.


Lies, Lawsuits, and Legal Entanglements seem to be what follows this so called president.   And you Trump supporters on here think it's how to make America Great Again.   Huh.... 


Tick Tock....BONGx8!!!!!!!!



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Sean is Gone

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Re: Spicy Resigns


"So this new communications director is apparently so bad that working for him would be worse than having been already made to lie every day." Jason Kander  Smiley Very Happy


Just so fun watching this  WELL OILED MACHINE  Smiley Very Happy


ha ha ha ha ha..............



Re: Spicy Resigns

no, don't think so, with the possible exception of the Generals- and I do mean possible.


Never sure what to think about Poor Sean but we'll see the purging of the few decent people in favor of a combination of true believers and careerists looking to build cred in the alt-right industry for future gain- I suspect that many wear both hats.