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Spot-on Laura Ingraham Tweet

“Bill Gates is seeing his utopian globalization project go up in smoke. We know China lied, Americans died, and a booming economy was fried. Time for real border enforcement and essential products MADE IN USA.”

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Re: Spot-on Laura Ingraham Tweet

So true.

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Re: Spot-on Laura Ingraham Tweet

Just like Japanese historians look at Hiroshima and Nagasaki and grimly reflect that the unthinkable loss of innocent lives most likely saved ten times as many by preventing an island assault, and also kept Stalin and his troops from getting a finger or a whole hand into Japan...… too future historians may look at this pandemic and see that it accomplished some good things.

I know its hard to look for the good right own family has been touched in ways that are unfathomable right now, but there may be some good that comes from this suffering, too. One, is that never again will America look at China the same way, and we should have widespread support to move mfc back to America, something already happening even before this viral attack on our shores and to the rest of the world. Two, maybe the USA decides that China controlling the shipping of goods is NOT a good thing, and we build ships and recruit sailors in a fashion not seen since WW II.  Three, as a result of One and Two, we see the Trump economy fire up again and prosperity returns.

Dark times now, proper funerals are not even possible, but maybe there are rays of hope on the horizon.

And if a liberal wants to come and see me and get a 2x4 treatment, feel free. I really have zero tolerance for any of them right now. Zilch.