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bruce MN

Springsteen lyric

From Born to Run....."it's a death trap, a suidide rap. We've got to get out while we're young.".
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Re: Springsteen lyric

Question: Have there been more stories printed that Obama is a communist that is supported by ner do wells? Or more stories that Trump is a nazi that is supported by disenfranchised white people?   I think even though communist Obama has had a 8 year head start, both narratives are running neck and neck, simply because the communist mainstream media has been pushing the "Trump is a nazi" story and even in this technology age, they still buy their ink by the barrel....Alex Jones and Jerry Corsi don`t. 


Re: Springsteen lyric

I've been thinking about the WV results. Clinton's coal gaffe aside, Sanders is a lot more unequivocal on climate change and coal.


And the exit polls indicating that a substantial percentage of the Sanders voters would go for Trump vs. her in a general.


So I've also been thinking about an October Surprise where a lot of white folks begin to feel the pull of identity, which tends to "trump" everything else. Clinton disrespected those folks.


If I were advising Trump I'd pick a strategic time- not yet- to make the big move. That would be to pre-name his 3 SCOTUS nominees-up to bat, on deck and in-the-hole.


The only way to forestall the takeover by The Other would be to get 2 and maybe 3 Scalias on the court. A lot more important than any action of either the legislative or executive.


Since legal credentials aren't required I'm thinking one of the Duck dynasty guys- not the patriarch- one of the younger ones who might have a 40 year run. Dad can advise.


That said, it is still going to take an historic turnout from the white demographics that typically don't.


You may have seen this at NC. If what she says is true- that struggling whites (of which she is one) invariably blame their circumstances on the free stuff that people of color are getting then I guess we really didn't defeat the confederacy.


I do think that SCOTUS thing will loom larger and larger in the derby to the glue factory and, apparently, who knows, Trump has flipped over to pro-life. The gender gap may even grow further. Women like Betty Ford and Nancy Reagan may have found the topic distasteful but they knew the score.

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Re: Springsteen lyric

Clinton is in the pocket of big foreign oil. That's why she wants to end coasl and fracking. She knows windmills and solar panel will never produce more thanh a small fraction of our energy needs. She doesn't care about the environment or green energy. She cares about how much green goes in her pocket. Complete with an off shore account.



A Daily Caller News Foundation investigation reveals that Bill and Hillary Clinton received at least $100 million from autocratic Persian Gulf states and their leaders, potentially undermining Democratic presidential candidate Hillary’s claim she can carry out independent Middle East policies.

As a presidential candidate, the amount of foreign cash the Clintons have amassed from the Persian Gulf states is “simply unprecedented,” says national security analyst Patrick Poole.


It’s unclear what kind of promises or concessions the Clintons may have given the monarchs in return for their lavish financial support over the years, but last month the candidate reversed her long-standing support for fracking.

Hillary’s new position, unveiled last month at a CNN presidential debate with Democratic opponent Sen. Bernie Sanders, put her in alignment with the Gulf State policy that opposes North American oil and gas fracking.

The FBI has reportedly launched a second investigation of the former secretary in addition to its probe of her private email server.  This investigation is looking into “political corruption” and is seeking evidence where former Secretary Clinton may have offered official government favors to foundation donors.

Most troubling for Hillary, however, could be Bill’s personal, five-year business partnership with Dubai’s authoritarian ruler, Sheikh Mohammed bin-Rashid al-Makto... and his overall friendship with the rulers of the United Arab Emirates — a confederation of states that includes Dubai.

When Bill personally wooed bin-Rashid to join him as a business partner through his Dubai Investment Group, the sheikh was the crown prince of Dubai.

During Bill’s partnership with bin-Rashid, his stature rose. He now is the undisputed ruler of Dubai and the prime minister of the UAE.

The former president and bin-Rashid did their private financial deals with a California-based private equity fund called Yucaipa Partners, which is owned by billionaire and Democratic funder Ron Burkle. The three became business partners and sought to create an offshore sovereign wealth fund for Yucaipa.

Clinton ended his partnership with the investment firm five years later, but not before pocketing at least $15 million in “guaranteed payments” from the company, according to his personal tax returns from 2003 to 2008. The former president allegedly received another $20 million of “walking away money” to leave the partnership, according to The Daily Beast.

Today, Bill is a regular visitor to Dubai. His friend bin-Rashid runs Dubai as an absolute monarchy where there are no elections. Human rights groups deplore the labor practices of both Dubai and the UAE for the exploitation of at least 250,000 foreign laborers.

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Re: Springsteen lyric

Germany, in 2011, created almost 8% of the nation's electrical power and it is even greater now.  Why can't we produce more?  Do you have any idea what even 8% of our total would do to the amount of oil and coal we would NOT have to burn to produce electricity?  We don't have to have a "final, solve all" solution.  Every little bit helps in the short term until maybe we do find something that will totally solve our energy problem.  So, again, we are you so adamantly against wind and solar power?


Re: Springsteen lyric

I don't particularly go along with the specifics of your conspiracy theory but in general, yes, that's a substantial part of the reason why I support Sanders. He has none of those problems- zilch, nada.


But Trump is quite obviously a crook of a different stripe- a con man. Part of the fascination of it all is trying to decide if he really is that frighteningly ignorant or has just taken a keen measure of his marks. My ongoing working assumption is some of both.


I've remarked a number of times about the limits of formal education and the fact that I've known people with little of it who were quite well informed and conversant. The common thread was that they all read newspapers voraciously, generally in addition to other reading.


Among The Folk that fellow is going extinct. The newspaper is now part of the lyin' and hated MSM and he gets his news from Trusted Sources on cable or the radio (with Drudge and other online sources now at the center of the echo chamber). The general purpose of the chamber is to keep that largest tribe of rubes divided off from the others.


Trump's got his own enigma machine somewhere up there in the tower and he cracked the code wide open.



bruce MN

Re: Springsteen lyric

Why don't you ever respond directly to the content of someone's post dialogue or the link they put up?  Rather you link up some random bit you have come across rhat isn't related to the topic at hand or make some "so's your old man", your guy is just the same one worse quip.


No way in hades did you read the article nox linked.  It is absolutely riveting.  Had you read it, even someone as totally owned by dogma and mysticism as you are would have been moved enough to come up with a little bit of something on your own.