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Senior Contributor

State governments on minimum wage

Republican held legislatures are passing law that states the cities cannot raise the minimum wage in their localities. State law prohibits it.


Are these the same guys that curse the federal giovernment intruding into state affairs? How is  this any different than the federal government intruding into state affairs?

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BA Deere
Honored Advisor

Re: State governments on minimum wage

General Motors should refuse to fix cars that were sold in states that want to raise the minimum wage...that`s what the libs`d do!  


But look, raise the minmum wage, I don`t care we`re too far gone it won`t matter anyway.  Hamburger joints will have heat sensing robots flipping burgers.  You`ll place your voice command order to a robot and it`ll dish it out like a vending already get your own pop at those places anyway.  And a Roombot will vacuum the floors.


We pump our own gas, Wallyworld has self checkouts.  We have bigger problems than a minimum wage, raising it will just cut to the chase scene a little sooner.

Senior Advisor

Re: State governments on minimum wage

The minimum should be $25/hr. Period.

Senior Contributor

Re: State governments on minimum wage

and the standard work week should be 30 hours and there should be a minimum 2 week paid vacation.