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Stealth Amnesty Creeps Ahead

Stealth Amnesty Creeps Ahead


Posted 07/27/2010 07:06 PM ET


Immigration: Even with time running out, Democrats haven't dropped the idea of ramming through illegal-immigrant amnesty to create more Democratic voters. Their new push shows an array of underhanded tactics to sneak that in.


After passing major programs that most Americans don't want — from a wasteful stimulus to a health care nightmare — Democrats know it's time to pay the piper with voters.


But another touchy issue — immigration — looms large on their to-do list. And because 70% of Latinos backed Democrats in 2008, a lot of mischief could be in the works — including an amnesty for illegals that would serve both as political payback and a way to create a new voting bloc.


The outlines of a plan can be seen in several ways, the first of which is Congress' mixed messages on the question of action during the lame-duck session.


Rep. Chris Van Hollen, D-Md., told the Hill Tuesday that House Democrats don't plan to use that pocket of time after elections in November and the seating of a new Congress in January to pass any major new legislation.


But House Speaker Nancy Pelosi isn't so sure, saying Tuesday she was "hopeful" Democrats would wrap up their work before that so a lame-duck session wouldn't be necessary.


Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid was even more straightforward. "We're going to have a lame-duck session, so we're not giving up," he told the leftist group Net-roots Nation over the weekend.


All of this suggests the lame-duck period could be prime time for unpopular measures such as amnesty. Democrats could reward their immigration lobby supporters but evade fallout from angry voters after the elections.


It's also worth noting that immigration lobbyists have gotten bolder this week. On Tuesday, groups in Washington told Democrats that they want a "down payment" for their past support.


Their Dream Act would give green cards to immigrants brought here as children by their parents, and their AgJobs bill would do the same for hard-working but low-paid farm workers.


Instead of full-blown "comprehensive immigration reform," which activists know is a loser, their new strategy is to slice off just a bit of the immigration salami over the summer, with hopes of getting more later.


The Dream Act gives illegal immigrants who arrived here with parents before the age of 15 access to green cards if they complete college or two years of military service.


Once they get their green cards, they can turn to extend entry to the parents who brought them here — effectively becoming anchor babies. As for the parents who used their own children as fronts while they broke the law, they pay no penalties whatsoever.


The AgJobs bill would bring about a million farmworkers over ostensibly as guest workers. They too will get their green cards — after working less than half a year each year for three years in agriculture, and we suppose anywhere they like for the rest of the year.


That too will draw illegals — at a bad time for places like California's Central Valley, where arbitrary environmental rulings have shut off the water supply and left unemployment as high as 44% in some counties. Call it what it is: a bid to bring in Democrat voters.


Looking to the future, a spokeswoman for the League of United Latin American Citizens told the Washington Post that these bills are "critical building blocks" for assuaging Hispanic groups who are otherwise frustrated with Democrats.


Both are being billed as bipartisan and no reward for lawbreakers, giving them a veneer of what voters demand to build political support.


The White House too is playing the amnesty game. But instead of sending mixed messages like from Congress, or disguised messages like from K Street lobbyists, it's putting up a stone wall.


Twelve senators led by Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, charge that the administration may already be using its executive powers to grant "parole" and "deferred action" to high numbers of illegal immigrants under little-known presidential power designed for exceptional humanitarian cases.


"The administration has yet to answer our letter about reports that it may be planning a large-scale, de facto amnesty program though deferred action and parole," Grassley said in a press release Tuesday.


It all points to possible action among the Democrats to get amnesty passed by any means necessary before a new Congress is seated.


Why don't they just admit that amnesty is odious to law-abiding voters and try to win over the electorate by offering the border security, rule of law and reasonably rapid naturalization process Americans want?


























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Frequent Contributor

Re: Stealth Amnesty Creeps Ahead

What I really find interesting is that we need illegal workers to do jobs that other Americans will not do.  Could be true, but how long will they and their future generations do the dirty work if we make them legal?  Eventually they will realize that you can get "free" housing, food, and now health care without working the undesirable jobs.  Recently saw advertising on the local news (Illinois) that they also can get a free pre-paid cell phone every month with 200 minutes which includes TEXTING!  I've only recently acquired a cell phone and didn't get texting because it is more expensive and I consider it a luxury.   Unbelievable, and to think in our generation someone would walk to the neighbors if necessary to use a phone.  Apparently they don't have time to walk, or if disabled the young are too busy screwing around to help.   Suspect this benefit was included in the health care bill, but perhaps only a new program in Illinois because we have so much extra state money to spend.  Consequently I predict that although some will integrate and succeed,  most will go the easy route and become an additional drain on the dwindling number of tax payers.  One can only hope that those which are supporting the current administration suffer greatly from the tax consequences. 

Veteran Advisor

Re: Stealth Amnesty Creeps Ahead

Maybe we wouldn't have our $$$$$ mess if this would have be enforced this issue the last 10 to 15 years???? Cheap labor ---cheap imports --we have gained nothing except a huge increase in crime---welfare--etc.  taxpayer picks up the bill---local --state--federal.

Veteran Advisor

Re: Stealth Amnesty Creeps Ahead

Politics aside---not Democrat or republican -- would you work in a packing plant for $8 or $9 / hour??---labor costs run @ 8 to 10 % of finished product --ask the pork or dairy people how long you can work on the cheap---- Look at Bell California---upper level management???? BP trying to shave off a few $$$$---Now the beef check off in ???? of how $$$$ were spent---- where does it end???


Frequent Contributor

Re: Stealth Amnesty Creeps Ahead

Would certainly be looking for something better, but would work those jobs because one value my parents taught was to work for my living.  I also believe both of my children would also work rather than live off the government.  Not sure about future generations, although positive a couple of  nieces would be on the dole rather than work.  They have learned that someone will always will come to their rescue, whether it is family or the government.

Certainly upper management stealing all the cream is disturbing, but we are always going to have the wealthy and not much can be done.  For example, communism threw-out/killed the ruling aristocrats in the Soviet Union and just substituted a different group that got the cream.  Pretty much eliminated the middle class and most of the aspirations of ever getting ahead. So although the current administration isn't going to throw out the wealthy they aren't going to have a significant effect either, and are simply adding a whole new group that the middle class will be supporting.