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Steve King win

Wondering what % of seats that stayed GOP or the handful that flipped that way a Steve clone would have won.

I’m willing to wager the vast majority.
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Re: Steve King win

The Nazi wins!!
Senior Advisor

Re: Steve King win

Well, they won the house.

Honored Advisor

Re: Steve King win

Steve King was in a safe seat in a safe district, easily winning.  However, he hitched his wagon to the anti-ethanol Ted Cruz, I suppose thinking he`d be a VP pick. When Cruz won the Iowa caucus Steve King was giddy as a little girl at a Justin Bieber concert and after that has kind of embarrassed himself (sad to say).  There are a lot of Farm Bureau members, gun toters  and other good blue eyed people that would vote against Steve in a Republican primary.  And I`ll say it now, Iowa, put a Republican challenger against Steve King in the next election, cause we`ll lose the seat if Steve runs again. 


I like King, however he has gotten too cocky and he just got lucky in this election, that bald headed Scholten could`ve won and in 2 years with the influx of caravans into the Strom Lake packing plant, those new Democrat voters will definitely vote in a bald headed, Mr Free stuff Democrat