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Still packing them in

Even the Audience is Fake: Check Out the Crowd at Joe Biden’s CNN Town Hall

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It’s well known that whenever CNN has a town hall event for a Democrat it’s always a pre-staged and packaged event.

CNN hack Donna Brazile cheated and gave Hillary the questions before her debate with Bernie Sanders.

CNN filled up its 2007 Hillary Clinton town hall with Democrat operatives.

CNN stacked its anti-gun town hall in 2018 and was accused of scripting the questions.

And tonight CNN moved all of its audience to the first few rows so that it appears there is actual interest in America to see Joe Biden stumble all over himself in a town hall.


TRENDING: Even the Audience is Fake: Check Out the Crowd at Joe Biden's CNN Town Hall

This is a joke.

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Re: Still packing them in

They certainly saw no need to socially distance.