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BA Deere
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Re: how about just a different potus

Hey Bruce, don`t sell the social Conservatives short on understanding the economic mess and the Constitutional mess. I`ve had one foot in the Uber-Conservative world from before I could remember, going to Gun shows before I lost my baby teeth. There always have been booths hawking silver dollars, even when they only cost a little over a paper dollar in the 70`s.  Books by Harry Browne, claiming if we didn`t get our economic house in order, one day our national debt will be over $1 trillion!!! The Tea Party is probably made up of 40 something WASPs that cut our teeth getting dragged to gun shows as kids. Now we see the Oldman was right saying "The country is goin` to hell in a handbasket. I hear out there in California they got them there homosexuals, damned state oughta slide off in the ocean!" "Damned paper money ain`t no good fer anything but wipin` yer arse with!!" Alot of us "kids" remember the FDR Democrats talking about what was going to happen "one day" That one day has been here awhile. The liberals like Nader did have a few good ideas but his socialist agenda made his whole scheme basically a wealth redistribution policy, not something conducive to the Tea Party.

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Re: Tea Party rolls over on Constitution (and Ron wouldn't)

Red Steele
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Re: how about just a different potus

thanks for the link....first time I ever listened to the young Paul make a speech, quite impressive. I can see how he won an election. The audience was impressive too, not the type that would vote for an Acorn community agitator, I mean organizer. Nice mix of conservative looking folks of all races, too.

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Re: Tea Party rolls over on Constitution (and Ron wouldn't)

Hardnox, I think Ron Paul is exactly what we need at this time but have little hope of him winning any presidential election.  You point out Paul's problem convincing Repubs about the enormous cost of maintaining an empire however I think Paul has a far bigger problem to over come if he ever hopes to become POTUS.  Paul will have a very hard time convincing Dems that our government simply can not take care of everyone from the cradle to the grave. 



To get our house in order we need to make major cuts in military spending plus put the brakes on our ever growing entitlement programs and encourage more personal responsibility.



I was not familiar with Susan Lindauer so after reading your link I did a little research on her.  Have you seen what Wikipedia has listed on her?  One never knows for sure what to believe on the web so take it for what it is worth but Wiki makes Ms. Lindauer sound like she has some mental problems.



She then was a reporter and researcher at U.S. News & World Report in 1990 and 1991.  Her co-workers said she was a woman "prone to mood swings and erratic behavior".



She started making visits to the Libyan Mission to the United Nations in 1995.  She held meetings with Iraqi Intelligence Service officials at the United Nations in 1999.



Lindauer was charged with "acting as an unregistered agent of a foreign government". The indictment alleged that she accepted $10,000 from Iraqi intelligence services in 2002. Lindauer denies receiving the money, but admits taking a trip to Baghdad.



In 2006, she was released from prison after Michael B. Mukasey ruled that Lindauer was unfit to stand trial and could not be forced to take antipsychotic medication to make her competent to stand trial.



In 2008, Loretta A. Preska of the Federal District Court in New York City reaffirmed that Lindauer was mentally unfit to stand trial.



I have no idea on the validity of Wiki's postings but if correct then there is more to the story then Lindauer tells us in her article.  I am familiar with the Padilla story but had not heard about the Lindauer story.  With her families connections I would have thought they would have made a major effort to use to the press and and any other means to bring attention to her plight while she was incarcerated.