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Stolen from cornerstones progressive Farmer

Credit to Finlery Peter Dunne


"The past always looks better than it was.

Its only pleasant because it isn't here."


Raking and scooping ear corn out of a corn crib, Is not a project that I greatly miss.

Also walking beans with a hoe or a corn knife is not a lovely exercise.

Pitching silage from an upright silo was vastly over rated. Every load that was blown in the silo was removed with a silage fork.Then pitched into a basket and carried out to the feed bunk.

Picking ear corn by hand a few years before my time but I remember my dad and my brother doing it.

Scooping itchees into the grain bin and then out of the bin. Itchees also known as oats.

Carrying bedding into the hog pens and the scooping it out again along with hog pen additives.

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Re: Stolen from cornerstones progressive Farmer

Well, that was a time when a farmer had to have skills to be successful, today any idiot with a checkbook can "plant straight" and have a weed free field and considered it`s "layed by" the day after it`s planted.  It took skill to plant straight following a marker and herbicides weren`t perfect and "guaranteed or free re-spray", you had to cultivate a couple times to control weeds, now there`s a whole generation that wouldn`t know what the hell to do if their Ez-Steer lost it`s signal.  They don`t have a clue how to cultivate.


But baling hay, that was fun, when a guy is young out on the rack sweating, getting tan and 18" biceps...that`s fun!  I miss it!   And shelling corn was a treat, Mom would make these delicious dinners and lunches.  That was the best naturally dried corn, just perfect golden color in the wagon.


But 'gentlemen farmers" that didn`t want to get dirty usually had a uncle or brother that was a few bricks short that they`d put to work on pitching manure and such.  To this day some old farmsteads have a old little shack out back where they`d stick their slow brother.