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BA Deere
Honored Advisor

Stoner Gary Johnson throwing it for Hillary?

..what did she offer him a lifetime supply of doobies?



I`ve talked to a few college kids that support Gary Johnson and stick with it, but on campus the pressure is great to not "throw their vote away" and rather support Hillary.  It seems Gary Johnson is that little cushion that Hillary has to tapp into to get that little 5 point bump.  She sure ain`t winning over any adorable Trump supporters, that`s fo shizzle.mah wizzle. 

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Red Steele
Veteran Advisor

Re: Stoner Gary Johnson throwing it for Hillary?

the people that run America...the lobbyists and career govt personel, are all in for a Mrs. Clinton presidency as she

represents the status quo.


Even Trumps VP Pence, who put up a credible performance earlier this week in the debate, is on board probably

to ensure the PTB continue to run our disasterous policies...from bankrupting military spending for foreign wars of

choice, to the war in America on Jesus, to continuing to export our mfc base ( after ww II, would anyone ever have

dreamed we would not make steel in the USA?) etc etc.


I can see why people just stay home in America on election's a rigged system....just ask Bernie Sanders...


that is if you can lure him away from his million dollar home now.