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Stop Signs And Camels Noses

Raise your hand if you have never deliberately rolled through a stop sign.


What?  No hands?  There isn't a single person here who has not at some time decided "no harm, no foul" and rolled through a stop sign?  Sure, maybe there was no traffic, or you'd had a drink, or you were afraid if you stopped you'd lose traction, or did it.  And you rationalized it.


Situational ethics.  Whether something is bad depends on the situation.


Some call that the camels nose under the tent.  Next thing you know the camel is in the tent with you.


Illegal Immigration.  Different people have different ideas about rolling through that stop sign.


What is an acceptable amount of immigration "nose" to see under the tent?


Abortion?  Hey, I thought we were talking about immigration.  Gender identity?  Enough, already!  This camel business is too hard on my head.





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Re: Stop Signs And Camels Noses

In full disclosure, I`ve never had a moving violation of any kind or a parking ticket or a fine of any kind, I have had my share of "fix it warnings" because I`m poor and drive junk and fixing lights isn`t my strong suit.   🙂   I do roll through stop signs only if it is slippery and no one is coming.  My dad warned me of always coming to a full stop, because insurance companies hike the rates of those with bad habits of rolling through a stop sign.


I know the point that you`re trying to make, but if I roll through a stop sign and I do it for "traction issues".  I acknowledge that I could get a ticket, if I did get a ticket I`d grumble, however it`s the law and a safety issue, so I would accept that. A stop sign means "stop! and proceed safely" the oncoming traffic is counting on you to yield to them or someone could get killed.  


But look at the illegal sanctuary cities and states, we have a immigration law, border agents do their part and risk their lives every day, only to have a city that takes it upon themselves to aid and comfort fugitives.   Oh I know "boo hoo hoo poor innocent workers want better life for their families!!!"  However they jump the turn stiles at the subway without being properly vetted ...they might have a family member that`s a sex trafficker, drug dealer, thief, murderer...we just don`t know, they didn`t feel the need to come in though the proper channels.


Well like "rolling through a stop sign" that innocent breaking of the law could lead to someone being killed.