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Here's a link to some pics of last nights storm. Most within 15 miles of me, I had a tenth of an inch of rain and hardly any wind but could see several of the tornados.

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Re: Storm

Quite a devastating show.

Heard bits on news locally but not sure how many were injured or killed.

It is always bad enough to have everything around you torn up and destroyed but the work involved in cleaning up is like another blow. Spread all over the country side.

I notice that everything is greening up except a few fields.

What is the reason for the late planted areas?

Replant or....?

Appear to be lots of water holes to cause crop problems after the storm.


Re: Storm

where do you live???

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Re: Storm

Not sure if the black areas were hailed on or shredded from the tornado. A close friend said there's a path at least a half mile wide that is black. He lost most of a field of beans.

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Re: Storm

I can see the path in a couple of the pics. It goes on an angle across the fields.

What I was noticing were a couple of shots where the line between green and dirt seemed to straight with 90 degree corners like fields.

Maybe it was just different crops which showed the damage more than others.

I have seen corn that was waste high that looked like a mud field only after a heavy rain and hail storm.

Not mine but close enough to me to see some of the hail.

In Ontario right now there would be fields showing dark soil only, as some are just finishing up edible bean planting. Too wet in early June to get them all planted on time. There are also lots of corn fields that almost a metre tall right now. No problem with the 'knee high by first of July' goal.