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Storming The Castle

Another Tea Party candidate has dispatched another incumbent, riding a tidal wave of voter anger. The "angry mobs" that thronged town hall meetings were laughed at. No one's laughing anymore.

When the Waxman-Markey cap-and-trade bill passed the House with the help of eight Republicans, Rep. Mike Castle, one of the eight and Delaware's at-large congressman, offered an explanation right off of President Obama's teleprompter.

He cited Spain, which studies show has lost 2.2 jobs for every "green" job created with huge subsidies, and John Podesta's liberal Center for American Progress as approving the mandate-heavy Waxman-Markey bill as a "market-driven solution."

This is just one of the reasons Castle's opponent, marketing consultant Christine O'Donnell, labeled him an "Obama Republican."

Legislative atrocities such as Waxman-Markey and later Obama-Care are examples of what many voters see as out-of-touch politicians trying to micromanage every aspect of their lives when all they want are jobs, the right to keep what they earn, and a future that doesn't bankrupt their children.

Americans don't want Castle's and Obama's cap-and-trade, and now Delaware voters have rejected Castle himself in a year when being a former governor and nine-term congressman isn't an advantage but an albatross.

As last year's town hall meetings showed, Americans want to be listened to, not lectured at. The "angry mobs" that were laughed at are now voting in unprecedented numbers, a very ironic form of community organizing that has become the Tea Party movement.

In a year when incumbents of both parties have been shown the door — and which has seen Joe Miller in Alaska retire Sen. Lisa Murkowski, and Sharron Angle in Nevada rise to threaten Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid — the experts' predictions are increasingly suspect. Tea Party ally Carl Paladino also beat former Rep. Rick Lazio in the New York GOP gubernatorial primary Tuesday.

GOP sour grapes abound.

A Castle campaign source confirmed to the Hill newspaper late Tuesday that the longtime congressman wouldn't endorse the Sarah Palin-backed O'Donnell. Already the political establishment and mainstream media are dismissing her win as a Pyrrhic victory sure to lead to the loss of a once-sure GOP pickup.

"They never thought that I could win this race, and I believe that we can win without them," O'Donnell told ABC's George Stephanopoulos on "Good Morning America."

Incredibly, Republican aides told Fox News on Tuesday that the National Republican Senatorial Committee would not be funding O'Donnell's general election campaign, leaving it up to Palin and the Tea Party Express to do the heavy lifting.

But NRSC Chairman John Cornyn said in a written statement Wednesday that O'Donnell would have the group's support as well as the maximum $42,000 donation from the organization.

"Let there be no mistake: The National Republican Senatorial Committee — and I personally as the committee's chairman — strongly stand by all of our Republican nominees, including Christine O'Donnell in Delaware," Cornyn said.

A wise choice indeed. She won fair and square.

There was speculation early on that the GOP would try to co-opt the Tea Party movement. Instead, it should embrace and support it. It's time to water the grass roots or risk becoming a historical footnote like the Whigs, the party the Republicans replaced.

This belittled and dismissed movement has said loud and clear to the GOP establishment, professional politicians of all stripes and even the White House: Lead, follow or get out of the way.

Will they listen? The people are.

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Veteran Advisor

Re: GOP Being Reborn?

Do you think that the GOP is being re-born this year as a truly Conservative Party, moving away from the "democrat light" recent past?

Veteran Advisor

Re: Storming The Castle

That is probably an apt subject line you used.

Kind of applies to the beliefs of your candidate. If you think she is storming castles, something that has not been done for hundreds of years, then that fits her beliefs in creation rather than evolution.