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as I've previously observed

a lot of the standing defense against the Steele dossier is that the pee tape portion is so outrageous that it makes the whole thing obviously just an attempt at character assassination.


Trump's documented personal behavior sort of moots that point.


Christine Keeler

was the center of the call girl scandal that caused the fall of the Tory MacMillan government in the UK in '63 (coming up soon from where I am in The Crown, I gather).


Said by some to have been a point of "security concerns" regarding the JFK carrying ons among certain interested parties.*


Of course there's no security risk if nobody cares, and I don't think anybody has suggested that Stormy, the bunny or any of the other rumored dozen or so are anything other than red blooded American grifters.


Ellen Rometsch said to be among the bimbo squad and, according to LBJ fixer Bobby Baker, a favorite of Jerry Ford.