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Strike 1...strike 2..…..

Jury again found Monsanto (Bayer) liable in
Cancer in humans.....of course it will be

But what is true ??
Not as if some big company done something
Like this... Remember asbestos ?? And most
Recently, John's baby powder......

New study out....based in the United States, by
A respected university, now shows a 41 percent
Rise in cancer, due to Roundup





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Re: Strike 1...strike 2..…..

The link did not work.


i do not think any proper studies have found a definitive link to cancer from baby powder and that is what the studies of glyphosate show.


That does not mean a jury will follow science when poor sick person says 'it' caused my sickness, poor me, give me money from the big bad corporation.

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Re: Strike 1...strike 2..…..

Have you followed the Oxycotin trial?  They just settled with Oklahoma and have 2000ish more lawsuits pending.  


Lot of evidence coming to light recently.


I'm afraid the situation with Roundup is true....which is concerning because it is vital to our operation.  




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Re: Strike 1...strike 2..…..

Canuck...try her again, I think I got it right now
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Re: Strike 1...strike 2..…..

And once again the government has failed to protect you. Yet all of the protectors continue to collect their huge pay checks and retirement packages.

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Re: Strike 1...strike 2..…..

But the government makes sure you get your socialist check on time don’t they Ron?

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Re: Strike 1...strike 2..…..

Garbage in, garbage out on meta-studies.


Some countries do not have lay juries try highly technical cases. 


Oddly, in the U.S., you are very unlikely to be on a jury if you know anything about the subject.  For example, a boat operator is unlikely to be chosen to sit on a maritime trial.