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BA Deere
Honored Advisor

Structural cracks in France`s socialism and NWO.

Good news out of the French election Sunday  



"Earthquake"   🙂     We should be so smart.

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Red Steele
Veteran Advisor

Re: Structural cracks in France`s socialism and NWO.

The article below the one about the right's gains in France is again about the problems in the VA and the coverup that permeates the whole system. Comrades Shifty, Nappy, Boris, Sally etal can take a govt health system and ram it where the sun doesn't shine. For my family, I want a private pay system, with competition.

Senior Advisor

Re: Structural cracks in France`s socialism and NWO.

Red old buddy! that is what you have had all of your life. The capitalist solution for health  care. Because you are a young healthy whippersnapper with a fat pocketbook, you are not overly concerned about insurance costs and health care costs. You can only see it from the point of view of superiority over the old the frail the sick and diseased. After all it is there own fault they are old sick or diseased. They should taken better care of themselves .or died sooner.


Capitalism doesnot solve all of humanities needs. If there is no profit in it, it simply does not get done. Humanity requires people cooperating and pulling together to address those problems. When you only concern is your personal pocketbook that becomes a problem for you. Yo fail to recognise that you are also a socialist when you opt to share risk of crop insurance car insurance, life insurance liability insurance and health insurance.


Your not really doing that because you want to buy an interest in other peoples financial woes. Yu are doing so because you want them to share in your risk. Again it is your pocketbook that concerns you. Not somebody elses.


You want aprivate pay system with competition, yet you chasitze me for seeking cmpetition in the dental field. You best make up your mind about that.


Re: Structural cracks in France`s socialism and NWO.

There was a local physician who practiced well into his eighties. In all fairness his clientele list probably naturally tended to be older but at any rate it was a source of local amusement to check the obits in the local paper and see if all, or just most, included thanks to Dr. X for his kind attentions.


As the saying went, he had the best casket side manner of anybody around.


People make bad decisions about their medical care all the time.  Even in a mythical free market system. some degree of regulation and oversight, outside of the medical community, is required.


And btw, if there isn't some means of civil redress for those harmed via malpractice, it isn't a free market.