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Veteran Advisor

Stupid fools

We are to the point we can not

Deliver care to those with covid...

Heart attack, truma, cancer...

We are either out of beds or nurses..


or more people will die....from

causes other than covid....

I keep hearing about freedom...

our rights are being taken away...

But have you forgotten about the

rights of those who are sick ?

Have you ever heard a phrase

""life, liberty and pursuit of happyness"" ???


Look that up in your books.


We are at this critical level yet

County commissioners will not enact a simple order....that WILL save lives.


A simple thing as requiring wearing a mask in certain instances.

Talk about politics...trump will

Not do it to save face.

Local commissioners will not

Do it so they get elected again.

Yes....the devil is very busy.

The devil feeds on these kind of


He feeds on hate...listen to the

Things said...what are you hearing

In conversations....

Take a step back...reflect....

Are you feeding the devil ?


I think it time this country put

Him on a restricted diet.


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Senior Advisor

Re: Stupid fools

Everyone has the right to self protect in their homes. I suggest you exercise that right.

Senior Contributor

Re: Stupid fools

You really don’t have a clue Ron!