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BA Deere
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Suicide Squad review.

Okay, it`s basically a rip off of the "Magnificient 7" motif ...bad guys coming together and doing good, yada yada, redeeming themselves on a certain level.  I think Shakepeare said there was only 7 basic story types.  And Hollywood satuated them all.


All that said Suicide Squad is a damned good movie, go and see it.  That Harley Quinn♥ is some hot stuff!...well, she`s a great actress and had some funny lines and made the movie. 


Even though I recommend the movie, it sort of breaks that old comic code of putting a bad guy in a good light.  And this movie has shades of gray, no one is the "good guy"...characters that ultimately "save the world" are murders and deserve the death penalty.   I just wonder what it says about society and where it`s headed?


In the early 90`s a football movie called "The Program" came out and in had a scene where football players layed on the centerline of a highway in the dark to prove their toughness as car whizzed by.  Disney cut the scene because kids emulated it and some were killed...yah no kidding a stupid stunt like that would get you killed.   But as I left Suicide Squad and kid in the parkinglot was copying the Joker`s hideous laugh.  And the Joker is portrayed as extremly dark in the later DC comics...not exactly Cesar Romeo anymore.

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This looks better

"spaceman" (link to the movie part way down.


Saw Bill interviewed on MLB this morning.  Said Trump could win if ne'd promise to do what it takes to get rid of the designated hitter and require all 1st and 2nd graders to run 2 or 3 miles a day.


BA Deere
Honored Advisor

Re: This looks better

Ha.  A good high school or little league game is more enjoyable for me anyway than watching cry baby millionaires play their games....that said, I`m a Twins fan   🙂

Re: This looks better

Liking the John Olerud clone they brought up a few weeks ago.