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Sunday morning follies

Chuck todd Smiley LOL Smiley LOL in a conversation with Dr. Birx said he's worried about people drinking Lysol and bleach as a CV cure based on what the President said.

Dr. Birx gave chuck that look that said -well chuck, I hope people aren't as stupid as you apparently are- and then answered his dumb question as professionally as possible.

On CNN - tapper asked the same question as required by the dnc, Dr. Birx answered the question as professionally as possible and then said, -Trump said this last Thursday, I can't believe this is still considered a news story-.

Mmm, this was a 5 minute news story, who else said that?

You gotta love em.

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Re: Sunday morning follies

you gotta realize that the "Joe Biden" crowd probably makes up close to 30 percent of viewers and the shows have to cater to those morons, too.