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brent olson
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Sunny and 70...

Sunny and 70 tomorrow and our son is getting married in the church his great, great, grandparents help build.


Feels like a month of cold, rainy weather and the skies clear just in time.


Life is good.

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Senior Advisor

Re: Sunny and 70...

I hope you folks have a great day tomorrow for your joyous occasion. My great grand son #1 came home from the hospital today and I had to stop and see him and see if he liked his new digs. He seemed pretty content sleeping in my lap and he didn't complain much. Yep life is good.

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Re: Sunny and 70...

Congrats to the bride and groom! Smiley Wink Hope it is a joyus day for all involved and may they have many years of wedded bliss. JR

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Re: Sunny and 70...

Congratulations to all!

Hope evereything goes just as planned.

And if it doesn't quite all click have fun and enjoy the special day.