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Superbowl Ads ......

what is a nice way of saying that the ads left a little to be desired? How did so many leftist ads end up on the broadcast without some central planning? The ads marred the greatest superbowl ever...well the ads and the Patriots ex-player using the grossest expression while yelling at the patriots to kiss the trophy until the network finally muted the mike after three or more outbursts....whatever happened to the ten second delay? Now the doofus has a youtube video of himself showing his lack of any class for the ages.


More on the ads...


Never heard of that lumber company, but I would short their stock as I doubt they will get much business.


Same for Audi cars and Bud beer.

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Go buy an Audi...

the perfect car for you men that want to be women, and women that want to be men.


Maybe Audi will double down and come up with a fake news story that conservatives are spraying swaztikas on the Audi cars.


Oh, Audi is a German that thought.


Re: Superbowl Ads ......

Why the whine..... you poor victim.  You had no choice but to watch. Gosh , they forced it right down your throat, poor little guy....



you voted for and support a POTUS that  talks , says , acts , and has said and done just as bad , if not worse , get over yourself , get over your superior morality, what's good for the goose ... it's the age we live in now. When the leader of the free world can do it , it makes it okay for all to do it. 

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Re: Go buy an Audi...

That 84 Lumber ad really rubbed me the wrong way, they needed to show iiiiiimmigrants with calfs the size of grapefruits coming over here and selling dope and murdering innocent young American women, if they wanted to be more accurate.  The way it sounds 84 Lumber was inherited by a hippie daughter and she`s now going to run it into the ain`t no Menards, that`s for sure.


The Budweiser ad actually wasn`t toobad it showed a young Kraut coming over LEGALLY getting his papers stamped and not applying for welfare and starting a business.   i don`t personally think that beer adds anything to society, but I used to drink alot of the crap and it helped me pick up women, so it isn`t all bad  🙂


Alfa Romero...seriously???? they must think Trump is gonna make us all rich enough to be in the market for one of those fine machines  🙂


Alot of movie ads..I don`t know if running movies ads during the Superbowl of summer shows was good dollars spent.


The Mr Clean ad was good soft core porn that was a hit with the ladies.


But with Audi, if all these women are "doing the same work" and are working so cheap..there`s your million dollar idea, hire all these hard working women in your business and fire all the inferior men and pay them 70¢ on the kept secret in business!..of course they`d have stupid ideas like the 84 Lumber ad and run your business into the ground  🙂

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Re: Superbowl Ads ......



Pootriots boycotting Bud ?!!??!



LOL ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !!!!!!!!





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Re: Go buy an Audi...



ha ha ha you slipped.


I, along with the internet; remember.



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Re: Superbowl Ads ......

All the add makers must still be setting in the playdoh lounges. Most of the adds are for TV shows or movies.