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Senior Advisor

Swan and Wallace spoiled the scam

by conducting slightly hard interviews with the POTUS.

The wall of intimidation by an army of whitetrash whinereimers working the refs is crumbling.

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Senior Contributor

Re: Swan and Wallace spoiled the scam

(Swan and Wallace spoiled the scam by conducting slightly hard interviews with the POTUS.)

I don't know who the swan is however Trump had a good interview with Wallace - I guess that's the great thing about watching it and not taking your winger word for it.  Not sure how it will compare to the Wallace / fraidy cat biden interview Smiley Wink   

Is a slightly hard interview more difficult than an - I'm afraid to interview?

Senior Advisor

Re: Swan and Wallace spoiled the scam

Apparently the Swan interviewer was quoting actual covid numbers and compared only to other countries with very low cases and/or deaths, while Trump was quoting covid numbers per thousand or per million and comparing to neighbors and primarily European countries.  Of course, the left-leaners jumped all over it, but one really needs to compare using some common denominator, which is what Trump was trying to do, not that he did a good job of it.

While actual total numbers are readily available, I pulled up a couple of charts a couple days ago, just to compare several countries to the US.  There are obviously some countries with better/lower cases and deaths, even on a per-capita basis, yet I was pulling up the countries for which I was most interested in seeing comparisons (Mexico, Canada, and several European countries).  Will see if can post a few, if I can get a format that I can put in here.

Couldn't get graphs to copy/paste -- the site I've been using is --

You can pick other countries for comparison, but I've found that if you put in more than 10, the graphs become too much of a jumble.