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Swine virus

Any of you guys affected by this new, virus???
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Re: Swine virus

It's all around but has't hit us yet.

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Re: Swine virus

It just arrived in Ontario in the last month or so.

They keep finding another herd infected every few days.


Apparently got here from blood meal added to feed.

Blood meal was imported from US and put into rations for weaner pigs here so suddenly they had cases popping up all over from that feed company.

May be spreading on its own now as they recalled all the feed 4-6 weeks ago.


Understand it is very hard to clean up and disinfect for.

Drying is the best defence so warmer and drier weather will help.

Right now trucks are being washed down very carefully and then parked in heated buildings until they are totally dry before hauling more swine.


Makes me extra glad I semi retired and got rid of pigs a few years ago even with the high prices they are getting for pigs today.