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Swing and miss bogus October surprise

Worked last time and they didn’t even plan it or do it themselves.  And thoroughly fruitless on the end. 

This time they conjure up on their own and it moves in 48 hrs into the files of infamy. More tripe for the genuinely deplorable  

There are essentially no changeable votes available. Serves only as a long term plan to keep a segment energized   

Looking forward to seeing how the GOP party deals with trying to maintain the fusion that has sustained it for 3 decades  . The “nevers” AND their money and credentials ain’t coming back in if the Q’s and such are still hanging around the tent  


Interested, sincerely, about where some of you barshltters think you are going to sit in the world of elected and functioning government?


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Re: Swing and miss bogus October surprise

 Johnathan Gruber was right about you.

Re: Swing and miss bogus October surprise

Rudes dumps this in June and a hearing like this could have been held. Shoot...a special investigator. 

FBI (Dennison, Barr and Wray’s FBI that would be) has had it all for a year. 

Nobody kept it from coming out. Nobody would want to had any power to keep it from being addressed. Surely Rep s Gohmert and Nunnes knew. What was the hold up, other than the 15th of October coming along?

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Re: Swing and miss bogus October surprise

You just owned yourself Brucie.... 

Had the FBI done its job, it wouldn't be an October surprise.... but it didn't.

Guiliani was not charged with doing the FBI's job.  The FBI was.

But now you want to blame him for not doing their job? 😂😂😂


Had they done their job in 2016, Hillary would have been in jail. 

But you pretend that their failure to do their job is somehow evidence she didn't break the laws we all know she broke.  

How you love to carry that swamp water.... only problem is eventually everyone comes to understand that you stink.  

Re: Swing and miss bogus October surprise

Over the next few months in the country there won’t be, outside of The Treasury Dept, a more important element than the FBI.

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Re: Swing and miss bogus October surprise

Is the FBI going to formally and publicly apologize to G Gordon Liddy?

FRe: Swing and miss bogus October surprise

The agency employs over 30,000 people.

Who do you want to have call him?

If someone was going to do that for whatever reason you might be alluding to the apology would probably have to come from the DOJ..

What was pinned on Liddy that he should be apologized to over? Some injustice or some slight?

Did they not provide him with enough matches and candles in his cell?

It wasn’t over his son having kiddie porn

on his phone was it?

That did happen. And a rather popular claim these days, as you well know.

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Re: FRe: Swing and miss bogus October surprise

How about Chinajo Stinky Fingers Biden. It is his administration that spied on a presidential campaign and his transition team.

Re: FRe: Swing and miss bogus October surprise

I believe they were on that case. Rather thoroughly from what I recall. I have no idea if they officially close cases or if they stay open indefinitely.

The parties who seem to think they were violated have had their own AG’s and Director for a while now. People who have shown every indication that they are standing on their heads, trying to help them at every turn. Your gripe should be with them. Not some illusion.

Are you hoping that in the next term the aggrieved can install people better suited to round up the alleged perpetrators and bring them to Justice. I sincerely don’t know where you’d find someone better suited and eager to please than the current AG and Director.

And then there would always be those 30,000 that would need to be convinced to dig in and find the right dope.


And, good Chxxxt,  G. Gordon Liddy?

That explains you. In volumes.