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Senior Advisor

System is rigged

It worked against Sanders, McCain, and Romney. But Trump has opened the floodgates exposing these rats. You can apologize for your slander now Jen, that if you are big enough. And remember it is Barack Obama who signed the executive order allowing Donald Trump to use the same restrooms and showers as you, your daughters and granddaughters.

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Red Steele
Veteran Advisor

Shameful...disgusting...take your pick

Mrs. Clinton, the BJ of a husband, or her supporters, whose numbers hopefully

keep dwindling.


The question is, are American voters dumb enough to fall for such an obvious

smokescreen, so close to the election, ignore the real issues, and put the 

blinders on the criminal behaviour of Mrs. CLinton?


I predict the election will get a lot closer as Americans are not that dumb. But

I have been wrong before...look at 2008 and 2012.

BA Deere
Honored Advisor

Re: System is rigged

Anyone with a brain in their head would dismiss women coming up with 30 year old allegations right at  3 weeks before an election as bogus...but we`re talking about low-Information voters bombarded with this 24/7 everytime they click on the news or boot up their computer, it will have an effect.   The biggest scam of it all is it keeps the contents of Hillarys wiki leaks off the lead story. 


Donald Trump like him or not is a real Patriot, perhaps he was naive in thinking he could rally the people against a rigged system without dire consquences to himself.  But, if gimmicks don`t keep him down, then the establishment would look at a "JFK solution".   Donald Trump has had a charmed perhaps sheltered life and didn`t know what he was up against, the establishment is out to make an example out of him to ensure that no one ever ever ever ever questions them again!


Donald Trump is the equivalent to our nation`s founding fathers in risking his fortune and putting his life in danger, he may end up flat broke by the time this is over, black balled in the industry, no one will take his calls, all for his "sin" of wanting to preserve what`s left of this country. 


He and his wife and grandchildren could`ve sat on so beach the rest of their lives and without trying to upset their apple cart, the establishment would`ve left him alone.  But perhaps, he sees his beautiful family and he`s presently worth billions as just living on a prison planet, only a matter of time before the guards take him back to the cell.  A guy like that has alot to lose and damned if he does and damned if he doesn`t.

Red Steele
Veteran Advisor

Re: System is rigged

in years to come, Donald Trump may read 1984 and identify

with Winston Smith, depending on where the current trajectory goes.


Its probably a warning for all of us...better enjoy your family and 

friends, and shut up as you watch the canaries in the coal mines

keep on dying or it may be your breath that is stifled.