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Taibbi in fine form

If the clichés are true and the presidential race always comes down to which candidate the American people "wants to have a beer with," how many Americans will choose to sit at the bar with the coiffed Wall Street multimillionaire who fires your sister, unapologetically pays half your tax rate, keeps his money stashed in Cayman Islands partnerships or Swiss accounts in his wife's name, cheerfully encourages finance-industry bailouts while bashing "entitlements" like Medicare, waves a pom-pom while your kids go fight and die in hell-holes like Afghanistan and Iraq and generally speaking has never even visited the country that most of the rest of us call the United States, except to make sure that it's paying its bills to him on time?

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All of these points of view have merit, I guess, but to me they're mostly irrelevant. The mere fact that Mitt Romney is even within striking distance of winning this election is an incredible testament to two things: a) the rank incompetence of the Democratic Party, which would have this and every other election for the next half century sewn up if they were a little less money-hungry and tried just a little harder to represent their ostensible constituents, and b) the power of our propaganda machine, which has conditioned all of us to accept the idea that the American population, ideologically speaking, is naturally split down the middle, whereas the real fault lines are a lot closer to the 99-1 ratio the Occupy movement has been talking about since last year.

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Senior Advisor

Re: Taibbi in fine form

Could be that our debt is now being finaced nearly 100% by the federal reserve.


Re: Taibbi in fine form

Your comments would apply equally to the r party, but in both cases the if is along the lines of "if Stalin had been a brownie baking soccer mom", they is what they is. Are they mistaken for being what they are or is the public so dumbed down that they accept it?

Re: Taibbi in fine form



But is that an endorsement of Obama as Romney/Ryan would be certain to accelerate the accumulation of deficits?

Veteran Advisor

Re: Taibbi in fine form

Nobody that votes for Obama/Biden is voting for spending cuts. You know that, I know that, and at least 47% of America gets that.


Without spending cuts, and extreme ones, America goes over the cliff.


Not voting Obama and Biden out is an act of extreme and callous disregard for American staying a sovereign nation.


Maybe you don't care to stomach Romney and RYan, I can actually understand that.


THen you should write in someone else for President, maybe Ron Paul.


BUt what we have now is not going to work. It would be insane to believe otherwise.

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Re: Taibbi in fine form

So this country is that far gone that they want to elect a drinking buddy? If that's the case, pull any regular out of a small town bar, they probably would have more common sense and the only pay they'd want is to have their bar tab wipped clean. Remind me NOT to feel sorry for these people when TSHTF

Re: Taibbi in fine form

Voting for Romeny/Ryan is a vote for the Reagan/Shrub kind of a deal whereby taxes are cut and spending is perhaps slowed but deficits increase.


Which as I've speculated over, may in fact be a bit stimulative (Reagan's was hugely so, Shrubs a bit) and it is also possible that the confidence fairy might make a brief appearance. But it won't balance the budget in the least.



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Re: Taibbi in fine form

Cutting spending is not the only way to retire debt. requires increased revenues and tax cuts will not create jobs. There are trillions of corporate money standing on the side lines if they had customers to buy their products. That is what creates jobs, customers with money.


Wanting to cut spending aka cutting jobs and social benefits is self defeating to a prosperous economy. It take people with money in their pockets to patronize businesses up and down main street. And givint the affluent tax breaks will not encourage them to hire people but lines at the sales counter will.


It's not Romney/Ryan that is being rejected, it is the republican philosophy of trickle down that is.